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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 23, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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search for her 14-year-old this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> a 17-year-old mother is shot and killed. tonight, the search for her 14- year-old brother suspected of pulling the trigger. >> joe vasquez reports it may have started with an argument about laundry. >> it all started around noon today here at the city center apartments. several family members tell me a brother and sister were fighting. the brother apparently upset that his sister put too much bleach on his clothes. >> brother and sister just arguing. >> that argument turned to gunfire and oliver can't believe it. he says his 14-year-old son shot his 17-year-old daughter, justice, inside the 5th floor apartment. police are now searching for the 14-year-old brother as are his family members. >> find out or catch up with him, he doesn't have a cell
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phone. so catch up with him as much as possible. i don't want these police to find him and armed and dangerous, which he told me he doesn't have the gun no more. >> some other family members tell us the two siblings were arguing over the way she did his laundry. justice was raising a little girl after recently going back to school. >> he's going to be deeply missed because he was a very loving young lady and this is my great granddaughter, her daughter right here. she is going to miss her mother. >> please call me soon, i love you. we all love you. we know it was an accident, a mistake. it happens. you have a long life ahead of you, son. you know, call dad so i can come get you so you can get this resolved. >> oakland police have not released the name or the description of the 14-year-old, but they are looking for him in
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connection with the murder of his sister. in oakland, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> dives crews are trying to figure out how they will pull a mazerati out of the bay. he parked his, ran to the bathroom and found it rolled into the water. police are investigating whether this may be a case of insurance fraud. >> and we now know it was a single shot that killed a bart police sergeant. the coroner says it was a bullet to the chest that fatally wounded sergeant tommy smith. he was wearing a safety vest at the time. but andrea shows us how that vest might not be enough to protect an officer. andrea. >> when you see military members, they have bullet proof vests that go up to their neck, cover their armpits. the ones police officers wear are different. those do not restrict mobility as much, but of course, that may hold the key to figuring out exactly what happened in
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this case. when the coroner revealed that tom smith died to a single gun shot wound in an area not covered by his vest, police physical skills trainer was not surprised. the vests are cut to give officers maximum mobility. >> it was like a turtle neck sweater. >> at least free zones exposed that are obvious and well known. >> it would be sitting like this, okay. so i have an exposed area up here. i have the shoulder area that is exposed. as soon as i bring my arms up into a firing position, it exposes my inner chest. >> explain a lot about what happened inside this apartment on tuesday. it is all about projectly. >> if i was working behind you and you suddenly turned one direction, i open up my side panel and you shot, it could be an accidental, in other words, i could bump into something. the actual trigger could catch on a piece of my equipment.
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>> second option with the possibility bart officers rifed at the robbery suspect's apartment to find the door unlocked, leaving officers spooked and on edge. >> if you had a front 90-degree shot, i'd say it was probably a misidentification or surprise, because there's nothing you do when you're doing a search or a warrant entry that puts two officers facing one another. >> either option points to a tragic accident. how tragic, though, depends on this. >> you have to go with where the trajectory was. >> forward their findings to the police department. they are investigating exactly what happened here on tuesday. live in dublin, kpix5. >> new report may derail plans to bring in shipments of crude oil to the east bay. kristen ayers with the serious safety concerns being raised tonight by the ntsb. >> a run away train derailed
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along the u.s., canada border in july and explodes. 47 people die in an inferno fueled by what is called bobbing and shale. a highly flammable frabbinged oil that the train was carrying. the national transportation safety board officials investigating the accident just released a report saying to keep accidents like this one from happening again, something has to change. or else major loss of life, property damage, and environmental consequences can occur. people from pittsburgh to vaneisha are fighting to keep companies from bringing in crude per day, including the very oil that fueled the explosion in canada. >> these three are like bombs on railroad tracks. >> railroad officials know the dangers and in november, the president of the association of american railroads suggested the industry build stronger tankers to cut down on accidents. >> we are recommending that all
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new tank cars designed to move flammable liquids be built to hire standards. >> today, the ntsb agreed and suggested that trains also develop new routes to avoid populated areas and do a better job of properly classifying hazardous cargo, or risk another catastrophic derailment. railroad industry officials say they are working with the feds on these recommendations. they released a statement today saying they endorsed the changes. in pittsburgh, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> experts estimate that u.s. crude oil production will reach 8.5 million-barrels per day by the end of this year. three men robbed an elderly couple in a home invasion this morning. it happened just before 11:00 a.m. on palo alto avenue near waiverly street. one of the victims says someone knocked on their door and she heard a man asking for directions. she opened the door and that is when the men barged into the house. one of them carrying a gun.
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>> i do sort of think i could take him. >> the couple was forced to lie on the floor for 15 minutes while the robbers went through the house. they left with cash, wallets, and other valuables. police are working on sketches of those men. violent crime spree landed a marin teenager a life sentence today. a high school newspaper photographer snapped these pictures as max wade learned his fate. wade showed little emotion as the judge sentenced him to life in prison, plus 21 years. the teen was convicted in october of numerous crimes, including attempted murder in an armed showdown with a romantic rival and stealing celebrity chef, guy's lamborghini. >> it is sad for someone 17 years old doing this. know what i mean? he definitely planned it out carefully and as the d.a. pointed out, much more carefully than any adult offenders would have seen. >> on the sentencing issue, there could be an appeal.
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>> max wade is 19 years old. his attorney expects that it will be at least 15 years before wade is eligible for parole. justin bieber is in trouble with the law again. the pop star was arrested in miami after police pulled him over for drag racing. >> all right, the first case this afternoon is justin bieber. >> the 19-year-old showed no expression during his hearing this morning. he faces charges of dui, resisting arrest, and driving with an invalid license. this video from tmz shows bieber driving a rented yellow lamborghini. he was pulled over around 4:00 this morning when police spotted him drag racing. officers say he refused to follow instructions and swore at them. he later posted bail at $2500. bieber also caused quite a scene. check uth out after he was released from jail. he climbed on top of a black
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suv and waved to the crowd of screaming fans. this is bieber's latest run in with police. officers searched his home after a neighbor accused him of throwing eggs at his home. >> monster waves pounding the california coast tonight and tonight, the best surfers from around the world are making their way to the bay area. betty caught up with a couple surfers competing in this year's mavericks. mavericks is on, betty. >> reporter: that's right, ken. and this is where those fans will watch those surfers in action tomorrow on jumbotrons. it's expected to be a full house. there are only a handful of surfers around the world that are willing to face danger for the chance to ride the perfect monster wave. the beast to meet the beauty will surface tomorrow. for the famed mavericks surfing competition.
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the waves will look much bigger and downright scary. surfing pros know monster swells can mean a real beating. >> we're not scared, me especially. you know, this is a place i had a lot of experience at. i know its power. >> competitor, grant washburn of san francisco says flying down a heavy wave is about survival. >> if you don't have a good round, not only would you be out of the contest, but out of the sport or worse. we know that's we're messing with, doesn't make a lot of sense. but it's fun, we love it. >> tomorrow's waves are expecked to be 40 feet tall. and that's the height of our live truck. of course, we know the surfers have to deal with a lot more than just incredible height. >> it's more like snow board reason with the mountain lifting. if i were to hop off the ski lift and as you look down, turn the mountain on its side and
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throw you off. >> 24 invited surfers from around the world will compete in a prize. and much more. >> all these guys that come here have that thirst for the edge. they love the power. they love the risk. >> well, the awards show will happen behind me tomorrow on the stage. the competition begins at 8:00 in the morning. last year's live viewing party was sold out, but tonight that tickets are still available. live in half-moon bay, kpix5. >> all right, if you can't make it to the beach tomorrow, we'll be streaming the mavericks competition live. go to to watch it live. here's the deal, what is gooded for the professionals and those are the best in the world is not good for you and your kids. there's a high surf advisory. it's not what you want if you're going to the beach. down to the monterey peninsula.
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swells will be building to 15 feet. if you are planning on going there the water, use extreme caution. that said, decent day for the mavericks tomorrow. look at these highs from today. this is supposed to be a cooler day. still a record high in oakland. santa rosa 75 degrees. we are not done worming up yet. two things we have to talk about. one, highs close to 80 and two, there is talk of a rain fall. find out when coming up. >> thanks, paul. a mobster is arrested in connection with a 35-year-old heist. how the fbi is tieing him to the crime so many years later. and a tangled mess. how extreme winter weather led to this and the other dangers hitting parts of the country. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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conditions this wreckage won't be cleared from an indiana highway until at least tomorrow. whiteout conditions cause this pileup involving 15 semitrucks and dozens of other cars. at least three people died. authorities are concerned some people may still be trapped inside or underneath vehicles.
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and that is just one of the results of the deep freeze paralyzing much of the country. jamie shows us the other dangers of the extreme cold. >> minnesota is on track for its coldest winter in 33 years. in the last 24 hours, ice and whiteout conditions have caused nearly 400 crashes across the state. classes were canceled at more than 500 school districts to protect students from frostbite as they traveled to and from school. dr. ryan is a surgeon at a minneapolis frostbite center. >> when you're talking temperatures around 20 below. windchill temperatures around 30 to 50 below sometimes, you know, within a few minutes we're talking about the on set of frostbite. >> windchill warnings and advisories are in effect in 26 states. any moisture quickly freezes roads. as a result, there have been at least two major pileups on different interstates today. 50% of the great lakes is now
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frozen. the satellite photo shows all of lake erie is covered in ice. it is too cold to create the conditions that lead to the lake effect snow common this time of year. a welcome break in parts of ohio and upstate new york. it's supposed to be 40 degrees warmer in minneapolis on friday, but we don't plan to get used to it. by next week, another round of extreme cold will settle in. in minneapolis, jamie for cbs news. >> three decades after a heist at jfk international airport, a reputed mobster is under arrest. coem reports from brooklyn. >> fbi agents arrested 78-year- old, vincent thursday morning in connection with a 35-year- old crime. >> got out of bed this morning at 6:00 for something he didn't do. >> the captain of the crime family was charged with helping to pull off the 1978 heist at jfk airport.
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>> the biggest heist in american history. >> the robbery was the central story of the 1990 movie, good fellas. robert de niro's character was based on the master mind of the heist. he was apparently not portrayed in the movie. according to our source, suspected of being the lookout for the highs on helping the crew of masked gunmen got away with $5 million in untraceable cash and $1 million in jewelry. he pleaded not guilty and behind bars. federal authorities say burke and their cospir tores expected to receive $750,000 in stolen loot. the investigation was reopened last year after the fbi searched burke's home in queens and found human remains. now accused of that murder in addition to multiple charges. coem for cbs news, brooklyn, new york. >> cash and the jewels from that heist have never been
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recovered. we now know the information of more than 1 million customers compromised in a credit card breech at neimann marcus. the retailer said it happened between july and october. 2400 credit cards have been used fraud ewe lently. the company is notifying all stores for identity theft protection. >> we are seeing a lot of photos from back east. weird weather here. >> no winners, but we would rather have that, really? let's split it in half. we'll give half our heat. we are the have notes. doesn't feel like it. we have outside right now is a clear and chilly evening. wake up in the morning, it's winter. it's in the 30s. in the afternoons, no, we have not seen a drop of rain fall in
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two weeks in the middle of our historically wettest month of the year, which is january. so dry that we have another red flag warning in effect. hears the deal. it's dry when it comes to humidity. when the wind picks up, we get these. we'll be high, gusting to 30 miles per hour through tomorrow afternoon. so we have that red flag warning in effect. this is crazy what is going on. the ridge, the top of the ridge is now out of british columbia heading toward the arctic circle. that just doesn't happen this time of year. >> it is the end of january. the ridge is building so far north, wrapping around the ridge and moving back toward us. tomorrow, a little cooler by a few degrees. why would it rain? then the ridge comes back toward us. it will be stronger than ever. some of you will be pushing 80
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degrees. so, it's going to get warmer before it gets wetter. partly cloudy night tonight, sun and clouds mix tomorrow, then get outside, maybe a barbecue with your friends and family. it will be warm. mountain view 67. coopertino69 degrees. partly sunny skies in antioch. mill valley, 70. and ucaya71 degrees. here's your extended forecast. look at the weekend, right around 70. look at monday and tuesday of next week. mid 70s. look at wednesday. mid to upper 70s and we're still in january. this just in. if this was an 8-dore forecast, i would have rain in the forecast. the pattern will change. >> if everything goes well, you'll see rain in the forecast
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yesterday. >> yes, for months. >> all right, coming up, a bear is spotted wandering, what it was seen snacking on and what it tried to bite. ,,,,,,,, ,,
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this bear cub in pasadena 't get a bare scare tonight in southern california. this bear cup in pasadena can't get enough of the human food that he finds in trash bins. the bear has been spotted in yards. he has been snacking on plants, trying to bite wooden fences. at one point, it chased after a news crew. can't blame him for that. and fish and game are trying to lure the cub back into the
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wild. >> a rescued puppy that was dyed pink has a new home tonight. this is candy. two month old chihuahua. good samaritan found her with a broken leg. she had no collar or tags. they received over 100 voice mail messages from people wanting to adopt her. >> what is the dog's name? >> pinky. >> it has a nice little vibe. it should be pinky. seth currie joins elite nba company. finally, the sharks go for five straight against the jets. the minute is next. ,,,,,,
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winnepeg hasn't lost a game until their new coach paul maurice.. wayne start joe pave jets touch down in san
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jose. joe has 11 goals since the month began. the hot streak continues tonight. scoreless mid way through the third period. knocked it into rebound. sharks win 1-0. alex gets the shutout. steve, the new coach of the ucla bruins. how about that? facing sanford. zach beats tony parker who was from atlanta, not france. bruins win 91-74. arizona wildcats, ever going to lose a game? hosting colorado. aaron gordon forces the steal. number one arizona is 19-0. tiger woods making his 2014 debut at the place he won most. playing the south, it's the heart of the two. shot an even par 72. he is 8 strokes behind the leader. and currie was voted to be a starter next month all-star game. he will be the first warrior to start in the all-star game
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since freewell in 1995. so, that is where it finally ends. get used to it. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you at 11:00 on kpix5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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